UZIT offer a comprehensive range of custom designed built-in wardrobes, manufactured to your style and specifications, for just about any space.


Our custom designed and manufactured wardrobes allow you to personalise your home using sleek, functional and spacious solutions. From designing and manufacturing your built-in robes in Adelaide, right through to installation, UZIT will guide you through the whole process.
UZIT custom wardrobes can maximise space in an older home, offer stylish solutions for a modern home and provide the ultimate finish for any wardrobe renovation.


UZIT offers a range of stylish and premium quality custom built-in robes, with all wardrobes designed and manufactured in Adelaide.

Walk-in wardrobes

A walk-in wardrobe exudes luxury, style and functionality and at UZIT we provide a custom design service to meet all of your space and storage needs. Maximise your space with custom designed solutions for all your clothing, shoes, accessories, linen and more. We work with you to determine how much hanging space you need, and the ideal number of shelves, drawers and shoe space you may require. We also have a number of smart storage solutions that can be incorporated into your design.

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Our Award-Winning Space-Fitta Wardrobe System

The original UZIT built-in robe, the Space-Fitta, is one of the most durable built-in wardrobes on the market and is the winner of an Australian Design Award. Durable and attractive, our Space-Fitta range of wardrobes offer maintenance free door panels in an extensive range of styles and finishes to suit your decor. Features of the Space-Fitta include aluminium wall plates and end extrusions, fully framed custom-made wardrobe doors, buffer seals and a multitude of accessories to choose from.
When you choose the award winning UZIT Space-Fitta Wardrobe System, you can complete your look with a number of different door styles and finishes.


Hinged door wardrobes

Our custom designed, hinged door wardrobes are a stylish addition to any home. Wardrobe doors that open outwards are ideal for customised storage spaces in tricky locations, like the side of a fireplace. With a number of materials to select from, including laminate, foil wrap, painted and timber styles, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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Sliding door wardrobes

A UZIT sliding door built-in wardrobe can restore order to your home. Our range of painted, laminate, mirror or glass finishes all slide effortlessly on metal ball-bearing rollers: everything with a place and everything in its place.

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Laminated doors

Laminated wardrobes are hard-wearing and easy to clean, making them ideal for children’s bedrooms, hallways, living areas, playrooms, laundries and even the garage. Our laminate wardrobe range also offers the most economical, pre-finished doors, making them an incredibly affordable way to create extra storage options in your home.

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Painted and routed doors

When you choose UZIT painted and routed wardrobe doors, you have the option to customise the pattern and paint colours with our professional colour matching service. You can choose from a wide range of wardrobe door designs and profiles, from traditional through to contemporary styles. We can custom design your wardrobe to suit your home and we individually router each wardrobe door to specifically suit the height and width of the panel.

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Mirror and glass doors

A mirrored wardrobe door transforms your wardrobe into a full-length mirrored wall, optically doubling the size of your room. Mirrored wardrobe doors are a perfect way to open up and make the most of a small, dark room, or can be used to make a bold statement in a larger space. At UZIT we use only the highest quality grade-A pure silver safety mirrors. The pure silver backing gives a true-colour reflection without any of the colour distortions or tarnishing that occurs in mirrors that contain copper.

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To learn more about our custom designed built-in robes in Adelaide or for the ultimate wardrobe renovation, call us today for a free measure and quote.